About Us

TKPM Logistics Company Limited
"Deliver Quality Through Service Mind"

About Us

TKPM Logistics Co., Ltd.

Our Begining

  • Established in June 2017​
  • Registered Capital of 2 Million Baht​


To become a major service provider of cross border transportation in Thailand


To provide fully integrated, cost effective cross border logistics solutions which meets our customer service expectations and help our customer to achieve expanding CLMV market

With commitment from professional people and use of advanced technology, achieve performance excellence through application of quality processes and collaboration with our business partners


  • We deliver the right quality and the right quantity on time every time
  • We relentlessly seek opportunities to better serve our customers and reduce customer’s cost of transportation

Your Success. Our Mission.

We Deliver Quality Through Service Mind

At the core of our ethos is the unwavering commitment encapsulated in the phrase “We Deliver Quality Through Service Mind​.” It goes beyond mere transactions; it embodies a philosophy ingrained in every facet of our operations. We perceive each service not just as a delivery but as a commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team is driven by a service-oriented mindset that permeates every interaction, ensuring that each client experiences not just the delivery of goods but the delivery of quality, reliability, and a seamless partnership. This mindset forms the backbone of our customer-centric approach, where the emphasis is not only on meeting expectations but exceeding them. In every shipment, in every client relationship, we deliver not just parcels but a promise — a promise of quality through a service mindset that defines our commitment to your satisfaction.

Meet Our Clients

We work for them

Our clients form the core of our logistics mission, steering the rhythm of our operations. From multinational corporations to local businesses, each client’s unique needs guide our approach. We see our role not just as delivering goods but as a collaborative partnership, where trust is paramount. Our commitment is to exceed expectations by providing tailored solutions, reliability, and peace of mind. Our client relationships are more than transactions; they’re built on mutual respect and a shared vision for success in the dynamic world of logistics.

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